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Using the Dreem headband to record brain activity

The Dreem headband uses deep neurotech to record brain activity using a method called Electroencephalography (EEG).

We answer the most important questions on how to use it. Further information can be found on the website of the manufacturer

To record brain data, the Dreem headband needs to be connected to the WiFi and Bluetooth needs to be turned on. This is managed through the Alfin Dreem app which needs to be installed (available on the appstore).

  1. Select the headband icon in the upper right corner of the start screen.
  2. Provide login details.
  3. Select the Bluetooth icon and press the headband's top button to pair it with your phone.
  4. Select the WiFi icon to connect to the local WiFi.
  5. Wait for green ticks to appear to confirm that the device is connected to both Bluetooth and WiFi.


Please watch the following video to learn how to put on the EEG headband.

To start recording, push the top button of the headband three times while wearing the EEG headband. A voice will indicate that the recording has started.
recording start

To stop recording, push the top button of the headband for a long time.
recording stop
Important! After you finished recording, please charge the EEG headband with the magnetic charger provided. This is necessary to temporarily upload the brain data into a cloud.